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Design is everything

Design is everything – even in firefighting

Product design involves functionality and handling. Our Tectro fire extinguishers have been designed to propel foam without harmful aerosol. They are also light – in fact, light enough for a child to handle. German engineering and design at its very best. Because when it comes to safety and firefighting there is no room for shortcuts.

A green way to fight a fire.

You might think it doesn’t matter if your fire extinguisher used biodegradable ingredients. Because let’s be honest, it is probably an item you’ll never wish to use. And if you have to, your last concern would be: is it harmful to fish? Yeah right… Still, while green sensibilities don’t come into play while extinguishing a potentially deadly fire, it does matter when the best before date comes into play and the fire extinguisher needs to be disposed of.

The Tectro fire extinguisher has an equal or even longer shelf life than other brands.

All fire safety equipment (safe the fire blanket) will need to be replaced at some point. And it will be a lot more painless to dispose of biodegradable items than the ones that are hazardous to the environment.

Get out, stay out and call 999

The official advice by the government is not to tackle a fire by yourself, leave for safety and let the professionals handle it. At Brush Wellman, we can imagine that some of us would feel confident to extinguish a small fire with one of our fire extinguishers before running for the hills. Also, what if there are people in the building who might not be able to leave for safety? A fire extinguisher might just make all the difference?

Book cover design with fire and seagul
Still, don’t be a hero – stay safe!

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