New and innovative fire extinguisher

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 Could one be in your home or business or where u work. What u need 2 know ABC7
 Would you know what to do? fireextinguisher beprepared

Do you know the number one cause of civilian death due to fire? Keep your family safe. fireextinguisher #safety

2.7 million fire extinguishers recalled in Canada, 38 million in the US via @globalnews FireExtinguisher

Check the #FireExtinguisher in your home. This morning, we’ll show you how to know if it’s part of #Recall, and what you should do. Good job we will be ready for next year. #smoke #fireextinguisher

“Millions of potentially defective fire extinguishers recalled” Kidde
Our extinguisher are ideal for chip pan fires if you don’t have a FireTraining Saves Lives.

Fire extinguisher


Any substances that are designed to be aerosolized are, by nature, a concern when it comes to respiratory exposure, including fire extinguishers. Dry chemical extinguishing agents aren’t easily water soluble and are also relatively large in size. Any substance, regardless of its composition, will cause a respiratory complication if inhaled into the airways, including fire extinguishing agents. The threat from smoke and fire if left unchecked is significantly higher than the minimal hazards presented by using dry chemical extinguishers,

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