I bought a hoverboard in winter

Without a doubt I am suffering the cold and it is the time to think of skiing, yet yes yet this is the best time to buy products that I and my family will enjoy in summer. At no time during the year will I be able to buy a blue Swegway as cheaply as now. I am familiar with all the products out there in the UK. I am such a hoverboard fanatic that I must have spoken with absolutely every single trader in the UK. Admittedly every seller is different, but here are a few points you should be aware of.

A Swegway is also called hoverboard, it is actually one and the same thing. The word hoverboard is trademarked, and this is why a lot of people call it Swegway. It sounds a little bit like the original Segway. So back to what I wanted to say. There are only a handful of excellent Swegway sites out there. I particularly like ‘The Official Swegway’, really nice and helpful people. They don’t overpromise. It is a small family run business which prides itself on the highest quality of Swegboards and hoverkarts. This year I wanted to buy a cool blue or black Swegway for my nephew. I wanted to add a hoverkart to it, as hoverboards (let’s be frank) can be a bit boring after a while, but a hoverkart is the most fun you can get out of a Swegway. So off I went to the best quality hoverboard site ‘The Official Swegway’ and checked their site. They have increased their colours. Instead of offering 8″ hoverboards, they are now offering 8.5″so-called Hummer Swegways. Hmm, not sure what I want now. Let me mull over this.